Hi, I'm Ant.

So, who am I?

My name is Michael, and I'm a self-taught Graphic/Motion Graphic Designer, Game/Software Developer, EDM Artist & Content Creator. I make videos on YouTube from time to time across multiple channels, as well as stream live on Twitch!

Over the majority of my life, I have educated myself as much as I can about computers, starting my gaming endeavors at the age of four, and my game development journey at the age of nine with Roblox experiences and Minecraft modding.

I primarily use Unity for game development, but I am currently learning Unreal Engine 5. I am mid-level in C# & LUA. I also know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON & the basics of Batch (if you count batch :P). I have made a couple games, Windows programs, and Chromium-based web extensions with these languages.

I mostly develop my software in C# with Windows Forms. I haven't released many of my programs, but I intend to once I get the security vulnerabilities sorted out. I have developed programs with simple purposes such as logging console-based executables, to TCP command senders that allow you to send command prompt commands to a remote PC without the need for a desktop remote client (Unfortunately, this program has not been released yet).

For graphics and motion graphics, I use the Adobe family of programs, mainly Photoshop & After Effects. I use a subset of After Effects plugins, such as Trapcode for aiding in the visual effects of my music channel's wavy visualizer.

I also use Blender for some 3D graphics, such as my music channel's DJ helmet seen across the channel. I'm proficient in 3D modelling, but not yet an expert! Although, I have made a couple Blender-related tutorials on YouTube.

For music, I use FL Studio 20. I've always had an interest in electronic music, and I try to make my own when I find the time to open FL, even though it's mostly remixes and mashups. I'm mostly inspired by Porter Robinson, deadmau5, and the majority of artists on Monstercat. (Porter absolutely KILLED it with Worlds & Nurture)

Check out my projects and everything I'm involved in on my Projects page!


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